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Welcome to A Crystal Mine

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Located at 

276 Turnpike Rd

(Rte. 9 East)

Westborough, MA 01581


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Hours of Operation:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday: 10AM- 6PM

Thursday: 10AM-8PM

Friday: 10AM-6PM

Saturday: 10AM-6PM

Sunday: 12PM-6PM

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

About Us

A Crystal Mine was born with the guidance of the Universe as an opportunity to connect deeper to my inner self and outer world, and to pass that potential on to you.  With a passion for worldly beauty and human potential, I discovered the true strength and power of the energy that crystals carry.  And it is with this passion that I look to bring such beauty, power, and knowledge to YOU!   


For billions of years, Mother Earth has grown these beautiful masterpieces made of all different elements the universe has given us.  In addition to their sheer beauty, they are used as conduits of energy and healing, each with their own attributes and properties based on their structure, color, elements, and how they were born.  Many have had success using crystals and their energetic fields today, and dating back to many ancient civilizations.  Though we strongly suggest being open to and working with the power of crystals, they should not be used in place of medical treatments. 


Everything is energy.  Energy is neither created or destroyed, but it has the ability to transfer from one system to another.  If we learn how to work with and harness energy for increased awareness, positivity and healing, we can then increase strength and positivity for not only ourselves but for others and the world around us. 


It is our goal here at A Crystal Mine to research, purvey, and bring crystals and knowledge from all over the world, from near and far to you.  We aim to be a beacon of bright light in our community to help raise the consciousness of all. In addition, we aim to continuously grow to offer a large range of holistic items, services, and local artisans’ work.  We will be forever growing and expanding and sharing our love with you!

We Are Passionate About What We Do

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