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We Offer Red Light Therapy!!

We are committed to the health and wellness for all.  We have brought Red Light Therapy to A Crystal Mine as an additional service for your therapeutic benefit.  It's a non-invasive treatment that helps boost energy through increased cellular activity and promotes healing and a multitude of rejuvenating benefits.

Please Call 508-827-9556 until we have the online system launched.


Brief LED Light Therapy Timeline

Ancient Civilizations worship and use the sun for thousands of years as a powerful agent for the benefit of life, wellness, and strength  “Heliotherapy”


1818 - Jean-Etienne Dominique Esquirol is one of the first contemporary doctors to recognize the importance of sunlight for the mentally ill. He aids in the design of hospitals to have maximum open sun spaces for the treatment of the patients. 


1855 - Arnold Rikki, a natural healer, develops helio-hydroscopic centers for treatments with water, air, and “most of all the sunlight.”


1876/1877 - Dr. Edwin Babbit publishes “The Principles of Light and Color” / Dr. Seth Pancoast publishes “Blue and Red Light.”  Treatments using light and color begin to advance.


1879 - Thomas Edison invents the light bulb


1896 - Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen works with and uses artificial UV light therapy to treat smallpox and Lupus Vulgaris (a type of tuberculosis) awarding him the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1903


Early 1900’s - Dr. Augustine Rollier, coined “The Sun Doctor,”  opens up to 36 “sun sanitoriums” (Wellness centers for disease treatments) in Switzerland to treat tuberculosis as well as other diseases with sunlight. Therapeutic sun sanatoriums rise throughout Europe. 


1920’s - 1940’s - Dinshah Ghadiali and his trained professionals use his treatment called Spectro-Chrome therapy (healing with different color beams of light) to successfully heal thousands of people from many different diseases (though at the time, his knowledge and practice was controversial)


1961 - Robert Biard and Gary Pitman invent first infrared LED “Light Emitting Diode” 

1962 - Nick Holonyak Jr. invents the first visible light LED


1960’s - LED lights are used in Eastern Europe to treat chronic pain, soft tissue injuries and other medical issues.  Light therapy and holistic healing approaches don’t progress quickly as the rise and use of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals take the forefront for medical treatments.


1990’s - NASA researches red light in space with the goal to grow plants.  Not only did it stimulate plant growth, but as a byproduct, they found that it also accelerated wound healing and reduced muscle atrophy for the space crews. Many studies and scientific research continue


2002 - FDA approves first Device for Red Light Therapy. Cost, knowledge and availability prevent it from quickly making it to the mainstream.


Today: Red Light Therapy is mainstream with proven benefits for health and wellness

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